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our mission

We transform retail intelligence, proudly allowing anyone with a smartphone to earn money

Our vision

We help leading Consumer Goods companies sell more through AI-powered Perfect Store execution

Our solution

We crowdsource field data and turn it into actionable intelligence using image recognition and machine learning technologies

From Olive Oil to Artificial Intelligence

As unusual as it may sound, BeMyEye’s beginnings can be found in olive oil. And, as with most businesses today, our creation came about as a resolution to a problem – one that our founder, Gian Luca Petrelli, was experiencing first hand. 

Selling olive oil in the U.S.A.

As Gian Luca decided to start selling his family-owned company’s olive oil in the United States, he knew it represented a massive opportunity but also a leap into the unknown. 

He wanted to make sure that his olive oil was being properly represented in stores in terms of POS material, pricing and placement. Without sales reps on the ground in the States, he had no viable means of doing so from his base in Italy.

Crowdsourcing store audits

He had an idea: why not ask the people living close to the stores to collect the information?

And as he was digging into it, he realized that, if managed the right way, this solution would be not only the cheapest, but also the fastest and most comprehensive way for any retailer to gather all data related to trade marketing and in-store excellence. 

That’s when he decided to create BeMyEye. 

Building a massive community

BeMyEye quickly became Europe’s leading mobile crowdsourcing platform with over 2 million ‘Eyes’ providing real-time actionable retail intelligence for brands and retailers all over 26 countries.

Adding A.I. to the mix

Having already automated various validation and analysis processes, thanks to proprietary machine learning algorithms, in January 2019 BeMyEye acquired Streetbee – a computer vision company. Thanks to that acquisition, we are now able to translate pictures from retail stores into shelf KPIs in real-time.

This creates the unique position we have today: by combining crowdsourcing and AI, we can deliver any in-store execution KPI, from Share of Shelf and Out-Of-Stock to Promotion Compliance, in all European stores. 

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