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Image Recognition

What is a Planogram and why do you need one?

Planograms are a pivotal part of any CPG’s retail execution strategy. If done right, they can directly lead to a boost in growth and revenue for the entire brand. But what is it about them that makes them so important?

category manager
Image Recognition

What is a Category Manager?

The Category Manager is be an integral part of the success of any service or product in retail, so what exactly do they do?

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Image Recognition

Is there anything image recognition can’t do?

Image recognition is purpose built to improve the way CPGs manage their retail execution, but with so much focus on its positive features, is there anything it can’t do?

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Image Recognition

5 ways image recognition makes store audits more efficient

Sales representatives have one main job – and the clue is in the name. But when store audits take up most of their time, how can they be selling to the best of their abilities? Enter image recognition: the tool that make CPG sales more efficient at every level.

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