3 futuristic retail technologies that all CPGs need to know about

Wake up CPGs - the future is now! Here's three retail technologies that are going to change the way your field teams work forever.
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1. Real-time image recognition

By now you should know about how your sales reps can use image recognition in the field. Rather than doing the calculations themselves, they can simply snap a picture of the shelf and let AI do it for them. Pretty cool, right?

Well, new technological innovation has allowed IR to level up even further.

Now, using real-time image recognition, you’re reps will receive shelf insights just a few seconds after taking their pictures. This means that any actions that need to be taken can happen swiftly, without any need to return to the store for later fixes.

Not only is real-time IR fast and accurate, but it also gives sales agents to a chance optimize their days and focus more on their most important duty – selling.

And what could be next? BeMyEye predicts that it won’t be long until real-time video recognition exists, making full category audits even easier! Watch this space.

2. Augmented reality

Much like IR, AR exists to make the lives of sales reps 100% easier.

After they’re done auditing the shelves using real-time IR (usually a 5-10 minute job), they can make use of AR to show retail managers exactly what new products would look like in store.

This could range from a chocolate bar to a full display case – thanks to the flexibility or augmented reality, your reps could show both. In all scenarios, showing this type of image during the sales discussion is an invaluable tool that could clinch a sale.

And once the sale has been made using AR, your rep can come back later to check compliance using real-time IR – they’re two peas in a pod!

3. Smart stores

Smart stores are what we thought retail would be in 50 years – touch pads, sensors, interactive screens, adaptive displays etc. For retailers and CPGs, leaning into smart stores presents an opportunity to create the best buying journey possible for your consumer.

On the surface, it may seem like would only benefit the retailer. By having displays that tell them about stock levels, customer queries, category placements etc., they can act fast to fix these issues and make sure they make a sale. Obviously, this helps CPGs on a financial level down the line, but could it help with retail execution?

The shelf KPIs that are recorded by smart stores are exactly the same KPIs that your sales reps want to find out. By having a retailer effortlessly collect these data points themselves, all they have to do is share them with you and then your rep doesn’t have to audit at all!

Of course, communication isn’t always the best between brands and retailers, and there’s a good reason why you have field teams in the first place. However, if you know a retailer has smart stores, negotiating data sharing during your talks could be the answer to your perfect store problem.

If you’d like to learn more about how your team can use image recognition to complete more efficient stores audits, read the full outlook in our white paper “SCANNING THE SHELVES – How Image Recognition Helps Consumer Brands To Boost Their Retail Execution” here.

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