Summer price promotions European report

Find out the results of our Summer Price Promotions study across the European modern trade in 3 categories - Soft Drinks, Energy drinks & Beer.

Beverages companies spend millions on price promotions every year, especially on soft drinks products in summer time – and these promotions typically account for up to 60% of their total revenues.

Promotions have always been one of the most important tools to increase sales of a certain type of goods in a special period of increased demand. FMCG companies are constantly competing when conducting such promotions, engaging their field forces at the stage of in-store retail execution because this directly affects the levels of their sales.

During the summer 2019 peak trading period, we sent out our workforce to check the in-store on-shelf price promotions of soft drinks across Europe (UK, Italy, France, Germany, Russia and Spain) within 3 categories — Soft Drinks, Energy Drinks and Beer. They provided us with an in-depth representation of the share of promotions (price promo on primary shelf) for each category of available product.

Some highlights from our study:

  • Across the 3 categories (Soft Drinks, Energy Drinks & Beer), analyses have shown a considerable variety, in terms of the numbers of brands being promoted on-shelf
  • Coca Cola dominated among Soft Drinks, as it had the most significant share of Price Promotions across 5 out of 6 countries where we conducted our checks 
  • Each country had its own leader when it came to share of price promo for Beers and for Energy Drinks
  • WahrSteiner achieved the highest share of Price Promo within the category of Beers in Germany

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summer price promotions case study

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