SCANNING THE SHELVES - How Image Recognition Helps Consumer Brands To Boost Their Retail Execution

Image recognition is transforming the way CPGs track, analyse and take action on their in-store KPIs.

But through its quick evolution over the past 10 years, the capabilities of this technology as it is today remain largely unknown by the wider market. 

In our latest white paper, we’ve laid out everything a potential adopter needs to know about image recognition in retail and the impact it can have on total sales revenue.

By reading the document you will learn... :

  • The current state of image recognition in retail: what has pushed this technology to the forefront of conversation when discussing ways to reach perfect store execution
  • Why image recognition has become key to CPGs increasing their revenues and the dangers that come with using an insufficient tool to complete store audits
  • How image recognition works: the technical process that allows sales teams to receive real-time shelf insights by simply taking a few pictures
  • The limitations of image recognition and why it might not be the best auditing solution for every CPG
  • How image recognition has evolved and where the potential of this technology could be headed in the future

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IR in retail - Consumer Goods

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