Promotion Monitoring: what you’ve always been missing

Compliance and monitoring are an often overlooked aspect of analysing the successes and failures of a promotional campaign.

With compliance rarely factored into promotional campaign strategies and ROI, there is a big opportunity for CPGs to improve their promotion execution, lift sales and capture the market share.

We dove deep into this topic, interviewing manufacturers that have aced their promotion compliance and monitoring and surveying our ‘Eyes’ to discover more about the opportunities within this field.

By reading the document you will learn... :

  • Why top CPGs monitor their promo compliance and which KPIs they use to get a comprehensive view of the conditions in stores
  • Which methods, data and tools they use to track their KPIs and what they do with the intelligence they gain
  • How a matrix of factors can put pressure on promotion compliance monitoring, including differences across channels and seasons
  • How the pandemic has impacted promotions and what we can expect in the future

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Promotion Monitoring

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