Perfect Sales Execution: The ultimate guide to data sources and technologies

BeMyEye has put together a comprehensive handbook of relevant data sources and technologies for retail execution

In an extremely competitive environment, the data and technologies you choose to analyse and inform your in-store execution strategy can and do directly impact sales. Making the right choices for your needs is critical, and our ultimate guide not only sets out the options available, but also introduces new ways of thinking about data and analysis that shift the conversation from one of efficiency to actionability.

By reading the document you will learn... :

  • the historical transformation from time- and cost- efficiencies to real-time actionability across in-store execution
  • the industry’s efforts to balance improving KPIs and ensuring the ROI of technology investments
  • how data sources and data technologies offer different, and often complementary, views of the retail environment
  • our top 3 best practices for managing big data for retail execution to optimize actionability

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