on-shelf availability

We monitor the availability of your Must-Have-List (MHL) products, and track Out of Stock (OOS) and Almost OOS (AOOS) situations in the specific time period you need: from tracking across the week, to the extreme detail of thousands of stores tracked in 3-4 hour windows.

$ 634 Billion

lost in sales every year Globally due to out-of-stock issues

$ 164 Billion

lost in sales every year in EMEA due to out-of-stocks


of brands believe they would be able to reduce OOS if they were given the data to prove it

Route your field sales teams to troublesome stores to fix OOS issues

On-Shelf Availability (OSA) is a fundamental Perfect Shelf metric. Through our solution you can continually measure, analyse and act upon stores where your products are out of stock or almost out of stock. 

Real-time granular insights on your SKUs’ availability is displayed in the BeMyEye’s Retail Execution Cockpit and Field Compass, through which you are able to intelligently route your field team to where corrective actions are needed the most, improving your availability and sell-out potential.

What we track: Presence, Assortment compliance, Out-of-Stock (OOS), Peak Trading OOS (PTOOS), Almost OOS (AOOS)

On-shelf availability is one of the 4 pillars of a perfect store program

On-shelf availability

We monitor your on-shelf Presence, Assortment compliance, Out-of-Stock level (OOS), Peak Trading OOS (PTOOS), and Almost OOS (AOOS) to help you increasing your availability across the modern trade.

On-shelf visibility

We provide metrics on Number of facings, Share of Shelf (SoS), Planogram compliance, Display layout, Shelf level and Price of your any of your SKUs, directing your field forces to fix execution issues.

Promo compliance

We track the activation of JBPs, Share of total display, NPI launch, Promo stock levels, Promo price, directing your field teams to non-compliant stores and improve return on trade marketing spend. 


Using our crowd of mystery shoppers, we reveal the primary and secondary brand recommendations from retail staff and to help you track your brand awareness and reputation.

We work closely with our clients to specifically define the metrics they need to create the ideal shopper experience and drive the perfect store execution. 

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