Summer price promotions

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Find out the results of our Summer Price Promotions study across the European modern trade in 3 categories - Soft Drinks, Energy drinks & Beer.

European FMCG companies spend billions on promotions each year, and these promotions typically account for up to 60% of their total revenues.

Through BeMyEye’s innovative price and promo and monitoring solutions, FMCG companies can now rely on real-time data of their promotions execution across Europe, providing their field forces with actionable insights to prioritise visits and eventually, maximise promotions’ ROI.

During the peak summer 2019 period, we sent out our workforce of almost 2+ million data gatherers to check the on-shelf promotions across Europe, within the 3 categories — Soft Drinks, Energy Drinks and Beer.

They reached out more than 500 Hypermarkets and Supermarkets across the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Russia and Spain, providing an in-depth representation of the share of promotions (price promo on primary shelf) for each category.

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