Growth doesn't have to be so hard

Show retailers exactly how your products will generate revenue through this specialized retail execution tool, providing all the data you need to have your products flying off the shelves

Bridge the gap

Data that can be used to help sales, marketing and the retailer

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Stay justified

Everything you need to back up your promotion ideas

Eye on the prize

Make sure that your marketing activities are going to plan

Save your energy

Focus your energy on the displays you know are working best

The best way to get ahead

A lot of people rely on you, so here’s something you can rely on. Through one solution, you can see if your promotions are being executed as planned, what’s generating the most revenue, and how the public are reacting to all your ideas – without having to continually set foot on the shop floor.

BeMyEye exists as a time and money saver for Trade Marketers like you by giving you access to a picture of global success that quickly, easily and accurately offers up data on PoS, promo compliance, competitor placement and more. With the scope, reliability and accuracy of this data, anything you want to do to further your brand is within reach.

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1-2-3 win

These tools are how you’re going to leave your competition in the dust. With one of internal data collection, one for strategizing and one for global scope, you’ve got a seamless suite to fire up your plan of attack.


  • Collect real-time, visual data on your most important KPIs
  • Small execution issues can be fixed in seconds
  • Find competitor data alongside your own
  • A direct link to your team on the ground


  • All data, insights, SKUs and KPIs found in one place
  • A shop floor view available to employees at every level
  • Find visual links between your displays and your sales
  • One place to define, observe and manage your own success


  • Data scope your internal team could never dream of
  • Standardized process so no variation in data quality
  • A look at the success on a global level
  • Deploy independent auditors when and where it matters
Retail execution

Why should you care?

You’ve probably seen trade marketing tools that make big claims in the past, but BeMyEye knows that ours really make the difference.

Keeping the total cost of ownership on us, this solution gives you everything you’ll need to sustain, justify and grow your trade marketing activity – and by proxy, the revenue generated by it. We take the time to understand your business needs and offer our services accordingly. This isn’t a set-up and go type of partnership; we’re with you the whole way to get you trained, onboarded and in action within 6-8 weeks. After that, our expert team of Customer Success Managers will make sure you’re happy at every juncture, with improvements being implemented thick and fast.



Traffic lights guide you to the next best action in real-time



First-class data processing tech: 95%+ image recognition accuracy

customer service


A team of CSMs dedicated to solving your business problems

What our clients achieve:


up to +30%
execution of your 'Perfect Store'

store visits

up to +60% improvement in field forces ROI

field compass

up to +25% improvement of availability KPIs

Reckitt Benckiser - Rodrigo Moura

“The ROI of our tracking programme with BeMyEye is 4.2, thanks to better data driven decisions in the retail execution.”

Rodrigo Moura
Sales Director at Reckitt Benckiser

“With the ability to capture the shopping experience in all the different stores, we were able to make specific suggestions on how to improve the consumer experience at an individual store level, and make customer engagement much more effective.”

Manuela Ricci
Trade Marketing Manager BSH Home Appliances

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