Our technology

2M+ crowdsourced data gatherers

+96% recognition accuracy at SKU level

1 Billion products recognised

Mobile crowdsourcing

Leveraging our industry-leading mobile app we publish geo-located missions to a large number of people across the furthest reaches of Europe (including Russia), from East to West and North to South.

Our crowdsourced data gatherers (aka Eyes) are paid to collect in-store data points and pictures through their smartphones, following precise step-by-step instructions.

The Eyes are rewarded for the quality of data collection, and any mission that is not up to our QA standards is rejected or instructed to be redone again.

Multiple gamification techniques are embedded in the app to simplify tasks, reduce input mistakes, increase engagement and reward speed and quality of data collection. 

Computer Vision and Image Recognition

We have developed advanced Image Recognition algorithms based on state-of-the-art Convolutional Neural Networks that automatically analyse retail shelf pictures and convert it into Perfect Store KPIs, such as On-Shelf Availability (OSA), Share of Shelf (SoS), Planogram Compliance, etc., which we feed into our Retail Execution Cockpit and Field Compass, or to your Sales Force Automation (SFA) / Retail Execution (RE) or BI system via REST API.

The uniqueness of our solution is that we can leverage crowdsourcing to enable Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) process in order to guarantee maximum data accuracy and speed of setup and delivery. 

We take care of everything, from setup to data collection and delivery

Thanks to our advanced in-house crowdsourcing capabilities, to setup our recognition engine, we don’t need your field force to collect images in-store, and thanks to our deep learning algorithms we do not require high resolution shots taken at studio environment. The only thing we would ask to tell us what KPIs you want us to measure and where.

Want to see the magic
in action?

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